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We would like to welcome you to Pontiac Paint Company's Wood Stain & Finish Supply Center web site. We carry high quality Wood Finishes and Stains as well as all of the Application Tools for your project such as rollers, brushes, sprayers, rags and plastic poly sheeting. Our staff is here to help you in any way that we can. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. So if you are unsure of what product is best for your project call us at 248-335-3175.

What Kind Of Product Spectrum Does Pontiac Paint Co. Provide?

What Brands Does Pontiac Paint Co. Carry?

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Sikkens Wood Finishes and Stains can be used at such places as:

Wood Decks & Patios

Wood Decks & Patios

Exterior Doors / Entryways

Exterior Doors / Entryways

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors

Log Homes

Log Homes

Sikkens offers high-end finishes, nothing less. Sikkens' expertise and innovation result in products of the highest quality that provide any type of wood with a unique appearance, superior durability, and outstanding performance.

Examples of Levels of Transparency in Sikkens Wood Stains and Finishes

Transparent Wood Finish


A transparent finish is non-pigmented. If oil-based products are used, the wood may take on a slight amber hue. All wood features (wood grain and texture) are apparent. Final color will be similar to natural wet wood.

Translucent Wood Finish


A translucent finish is pigmented and adds color to the wood, while still allowing all wood features (grain and texture) to remain visible. Wood color and porosity have a direct impact on the final color and appearance. [See the Translucent Finish Color Guide Here]

Semi-Transparent Wood Finish


A semi-transparent finish adds color to the wood. Products in this category will still show the wood grain and texture, while hiding some of its "natural" appearance. Wood color and porosity have a direct impact on the final color and appearance. [See the Semi-Transparent Finish Color Guide Here]

Solid Wood Finish


If applied correctly, a solid finish does not show any wood grain. The type of wood does not have any impact on the final color; it only depends on the product used. [See the Solid Finish Color Guide Here]

Examples of Variations in Final Color

Final color may vary depending on the type and age of the wood as well as its color, grain, texture and the gloss level of the product selected. The examples below show how Cetol Log & Siding Translucent Finish - 005 Natural Oak can appear on several different types of wood.

Finish on Cedar


Finish on Pine


Finish on Natural Oak

Natural Oak

Finish on Dark Oak

Dark Oak

Finish on Fir


Finish on Treated Wood

Treated Wood

Finish on Natural


Finish on Butternut


Finish on Natural Light

Natural Light

Finish on Teak


Tip: Always perform a sample test on a piece of scrap wood from your project to confirm the final color you will obtain.

*Colors are approximate and can vary depending on your monitor's settings.

Sikkens Next Wave Technology

The new generation of Next Wave Technology products offers unique properties that absorb UV rays. This technology is based on a new resin that is more durable, protects better and lasts longer. This unique technology acts as a sun screen to protect your wood by deflecting damaging UV rays.

Next Wave Technology Features:

• Unique UV protection
• Special resin that contains UV absorbers
• Helps the finish last longer
• Protects and conserves the color and its clear appearance
• Preserves the natural grain of the wood

Protect Your Log Home and Wood Siding

If you chose a log home or wood siding, you appreciate the beauty, simplicity and purity of natural wood. But your choice also brings some challenge. Protective coatings and ordinary stains don't always give the best results. Sikkens' high-end products protect your investment. These products have been tested over time; they can resist the harshest weather and preserve the natural beauty of your wood.

Log Home

Cetol Log & Siding

Sikkens Cetol Log Siding

Cetol Log & Siding is a high performance wood finish. This high solids alkyd formulation offers optimum protection and a premium look. Cetol Log & Siding is a two-coat satin finish creating a protective film that gives logs and siding a premium furniture-like finish that allows all the natural characteristics and grain of the wood to show through.

Cetol 1 & Cetol 23 Plus System

Sikkens Cetol 1 23 Plus System

The Cetol 1 & Cetol 23 Plus System is a unique three-coat system combining a basecoat (Cetol 1) that assures excellent penetration and adhesion, and a topcoat (Cetol 23 Plus) that provides excellent durability and protection to vertical surfaces. Cetol 1 & Cetol 23 Plus System is a three coat system.

Cetol Maintenance

Sikkens Cetol Maintenance

Cetol Maintenance is a premium, non-pigmented exterior finish to be used over existing Cetol 23 Plus or Cetol Log & Siding as a maintenance coat. Typically, with maintenance coats, pigmented products will further darken the wood. With a one coat application of Cetol Maintenance, the wood will retain the same look and color.

Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment

Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment

Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment is ideal for short-term protection of "wet" wood or logs, or when the weather does not allow for application of Sikkens film-forming finishes.